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Our Member News includes anything from vehicle rates, benefits of membership, debit card alerts, mobile banking and more. At Wiremen's Credit Union, our goal is to constantly inform our members of benefits they can take advantage of.


New Vehicle as low as 2.49%
Used Vehicle  
1-3 years old as low as 3.99%
4-5 years old as low as 3.99%
6-7 years old as low as 3.99%
8 years or older as low as 3.99%
Home Equity Loan
For additional information or to apply,

please contact us at 440-887-3800

2 Year 1.00%*
1 Year 0.75%**
Revolving as low as 9.99%
Signature as low as 9.90%
Share Secure as low as 2.49%
Co-Signer as low as 9.25%
Apprentice Student as low as 5.00%
Emergency Loans up to $300.00 as low as 12.00%

* Loans up to 84 Months.