Statement regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To our members:

Beware of Stimulus Check Scams!!!

Do not give out your PayPal account information, Social Security number, bank account number or anything else if someone claims such information is essential to sign you up for a stimulus check relating to the coronavirus pandemic. 

It's not. It's a scam. 

The FBI, state attorneys general and other agencies are alerting Americans that phone calls, texts or emails asking for personal or financial information to get the $1,200 federal payment are not legit.

Consumers are not going to need to sign up for the stimulus checks. 

Consumers are already reporting that they've received phishing emails that include phony websites that look official.

The scammers are demanding that potential victims provide PayPal, bank account or other financial information to get a much-talked-about stimulus check that is part of the federal economic-relief package. 

Anyone who receives such texts or emails should ignore them or delete them. Never click on links because you might download malware onto your computer.

In some cases, fake phishing scams might ask for a person’s bank account information and insist $1,000 or more will be deposited directly into his or her bank account. Again, it's a scam.

Like many of you, we have spent the last several weeks learning more about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and just how it could impact our communities as well as our branch. We are fully committed to the safety and well-being of our members and staff. In addition to our standard daily cleaning and sanitation process, we have taken extra precautionary measure including increased frequency and expanded disinfecting procedures at our location. Along with our staff, we also encourage our members to assess their health as well, and for those of you who may be ill, you are welcome to utilize our online services, drive through services, and our ATM services to aid in the efforts to prevent the spread of this virus.

Wiremen’s Credit Union does have a continued customer service plan in the event that our location must be closed due to the effects of the coronavirus. In the case of a closure, you will have access to our ATM network, online services, and touch-tone phone system to maintain credit union services. If you are not enrolled to use these services, please contact the credit union to sign up to ensure that you have access to your account. In the case of a branch closure, we will communicate via email, our website, and other social media platforms to ensure that our members have access to their accounts

In addition, Wiremen’s Credit Union joins the Ohio Credit Union League in warning against scammers and fraudulent charities looking to exploit consumer fears and generosity surrounding the outbreak.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has compiled tips for dealing with recent and emerging scams, including:

  • Avoid phishing scams by keeping your anti-malware and antivirus software up to date on your computer and never click on links from sources you don’t know.
  • Go directly to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for the most recent information on the coronavirus, rather than obtaining information from emails and other sources that may not be legitimate.
  • Watch out for advertisements or “investment opportunities” around coronavirus prevention, treatment, or curses. Consult a medical professional for questions about prevention and treatment.

FTC consumer alerts are available to share information on the latest scams, and consumers are asked to report suspicious claims to the FTC at

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance finds that when natural disaster or tragedy occurs, generous donors are quick to assist charities that are providing help. Unfortunately, scammers also use this as an opportunity for exploitation. Contributors are encouraged to do their research, and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance suggests the following tips to ensure wise giving decisions to charities that address the coronavirus outbreak:

  • Consider experienced relief organizations that are better equipped that charities to fulfill relief promises and deliver aid.
  • Visit to verify soliciting organizations
  • Understand crowdfunding and review sites for information about fees, how quickly funds will be dispersed and other important details.

You can always count on us to do what is best for our members, staff, and community. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by COVID-19. We thank you for your loyal support and trust in Wiremen’s Credit Union as we look forward to servicing all of your financial needs now and into the future.


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