About Us

Wiremen’s Credit Union – Serving Local 38 Members and their Families

In the summer of 1955, a group of nine wiremen were sitting on the front porch contemplating starting a credit union. These nine men pooled their money and came up with $50 to charter a credit union. Thus, the Wiremen’s Credit Union was born!

Since that time, the Wiremen’s Credit Union has grown to a $25 million dollar financial institution, serving over 4,300 members throughout the community. We’re a full-service operation, and we’d be glad to help you meet your financial needs!

Mission statement

The mission of Wiremen’s Credit Union, Inc. , is to help members gain personal financial success by providing and promoting financial services with benefits over those from other competitive sources.

Board of Directors

President Lee Svoboda
Vice President Marie Gerace
Treasurer Bob Mihna
Secretary Kevin Stredney
Director David Seelbach
Director Erik Scanlon
Director David Seelbach
Associate Board Jennifer Konornik
Associate Board Daniel Nenadal
Associate Board Edward Barefield
Audit Committee Michael Bremmer
Audit Committee Jarrod Amberik
Audit Committee Roy Turner
Audit Committee Brendan Wiemels
Auditor Beth O'Donnell